Brasserie Harkema in Amsterdam


  • Nes 67
  • 1012 KD
  • Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands

We serve

  • 3 courses from: € 28.00


  1. Accessibility
    • Weelchair-access
    • Accessible toilet
  2. Facilities
    • Terrace
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  1. I was at this restaurant yesterday, with co-workers from different countries. This place is, overall terrible. The word service does NOT exist for them. The waitress was extremely rude. One of the colleagues made 2-3 questions about the beer, which she was unhappy to answer. She has a very bad attitude and way to respond to anything we asked. The food is the only thing OK about this place: tasty, but nothing really special. You can find similar in every average Dutch restaurant. And you have to order and pay fries separately, even in cases of ordering only meat. No one was gentle enough to point that out to us. Without the fries, the meat dish is not enough.
    The place needs some refurbishing. We had three broken glasses served in our table. one with the top broken, so One could cut the lips on that. The tables look old. And the chairs uncomfortable and placed too close to each other, making it feel a bit cramped, especially for such a big place in Amsterdam, which was why we chose it. We wanted space. In the end, we had a waiter asking for dessert. A colleague was in the middle of an important conversation, and the guy asked for the dessert. No one reply because we were listening to the colleague, which was about to conclude the conversation. The waiter then shouted "DESSERT?????", to interrupt the conversation. That for me was the end. I told him you should wait until people finish to talk. I felt ashamed for this restaurant, and even more ashamed for Amsterdam. I will NOT be going back, neither recommending to friends.

    • Food & drink 5
    • Ambiance 2
    • Service 2
    • Price/Quality Ratio 4
  2. Dit eerste bezoek aan brasserie Harkema was ok maar niet geweldig. Het restaurant is mooi ingericht maar nogal massaal. Het personeel is correct maar weinig persoonlijk. Het eten is redelijk eenvoudig maar goed. Onze hoofdgerechten werden te koud geserveerd. Dit werd dat netjes, maar nogal onderkoeld opgelost. We kregen nieuwe gerechten maar ook dit verliep nogal technisch en onpersoonlijk.
    Al met al dus, ok, mooi maar letterlijk en figuurlijk te koud. Groeten, mirjam

    • Food & drink 6
    • Ambiance 6
    • Service -
    • Price/Quality Ratio -