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    This place is SO BAD it's ridiculous.
    The very first thing is the ambience itself. NO view of the sea can fix such filth! The furniture is old, outdated, very uncomfortable and very dirty. There are bird crap pies on every table outside and on the stools. The bench cushions are all stained as probably never been washed since their purchase.
    The second shock is the service. The staff is rude and lazy, basically purposeless as you have to look for them, search for them and call them yourself, then wait forever. The waitress did not come back even though she was clearly asked to come back soon as we were about to make up our minds about some snacks to accompany the drinks. She totally ignored us and was passing by our table without even looking at us. At that point, we decided not to order any food anymore, but just to finish our drinks and go. As the drinks were finished, another waitress FINALLY came asking if everything was ok. Of course, we said it wasn't. The criticism was not taken, but instead, we got yelled at. She also stated that she was happy that we were leaving. Really? IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS?
    To make things completely unbearable, they also charge their customers for using the bathroom, where they have hired a grumpy toilet lady to meet you at the entrance. Classy!

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