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    We went to the Vispaleis on our way to catch the ferry back to England. What we wanted to do was to simply order a lekkerbekje and bakje patat to eat outside in the sun on the grass, but the prices on the wall inside seemed prohibitive, all over 10 Euros.......Until we asked whether it was possible to do a take-away, which then saw the price tumble. The restaurant itself inside was quite grotty and the staff extremely slow and unhelpful, but the lekkerbekjes were the best we'd ever tasted in Holland. But no way would we have paid the prices displayed and sat in to eat. Our message to Vispaleis is: PLEASE DISPLAY A TAKEAWAY MENU WITH CLEAR PRICES!

    • Food & drink 5
    • Ambiance -
    • Service 1
    • Price/Quality Ratio 5
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