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    Food vendor Heemstede
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    It took a while to write this review as I still have NIGHTMARES about It.
    On Nov.14, my husband was on a business trip, and I thought I will make a nice evening out with my 2 kids after a hard working day. Through their booking site, I booked meat fondue for 2 persons and wrote that the third person will choose something on the day. A few days before, I happened to find that the meat fondue was on social deal. I never used social deal, but some friends said it's nice to do, so I tried it this time. I wrote through the original booking site that we change our booking.
    On the day, the meat fondue looked nice, and my younger son ordered poffertjes. We also ordered 2 soft drinks and wine. Later, my younger son wanted to try the meat fondue, so I gave him a piece. Then immediately, the serving lady came running to us and said in Dutch: "HE IS NOT ALLOWED TO EAT THAT!!!" Me and my 2 kids froze. We were in a shock. I tried to stay calm and asked her: "May I ask what the reason is? If this meat fondue is a all-you-can-eat deal, then I can understand it, as you may make a loss. But we all ordered one meal each."
    She said, (pointing at the meat,) "THIS IS A CHEAP MENU!" At that time, 2 young girls next to our table started laughing. They also thought it was ridiculous. My elder son was shocked and he wanted to leave.
    I, however thought I should make a point, and said, "If this is a CHEAP menu, then I will order more drinks, and also desserts. Does that make you happy?" And we ordered more drinks and desserts we didn't even want. My elder son had left as he was fed up. When paying, I asked the name of the lady as I thought it was very interesting to know the name of a person who says such a thing to a customer. She said, "I don't say my name. I'm the OWNER." I wondered why we were treated this badly. Was it because we used Social Deal? Was it because we booked by a normal site first? (but I did cancel it, apologising. And there were still 2 tables left that evening). I even wondered if it may be because I'm not and don't look Dutch. I told about my experience to many friends in Heemstede. One friend said that her son's elementary school used this restaurant for a class event, and there were lots of poffertjes for the kids. But the male owner(?) told one child: "You are eating too much!" Why run a restaurant if you treat your customers like this? I feel like I paid the restaurant to be treated like a piece of dirt. I normally don't write reviews but felt I have to as it was so bad.

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