Restaurants in Loznica, Mačvanski

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12 results

Balkan 7

    • Balkan
    Jovana Cvijića bb Loznica
    • Balkan
    Vuka Karadžića BB Loznica
    • Balkan
    Vlade Zečevića 10 Loznica
    • Balkan
    Vlade Zečevića bb Loznica
    • Balkan
    Trg Jovana Cvijića bb Loznica

All Balkan restaurants in Loznica

Bistros 5

  1. €€ -
    • Bistro
    Vojvode Mišića BB Loznica
  2. €€ -
    • Bistro
    Vuka Karadžića 9 Loznica
  3. €€ -
    • Bistro
    Jovana Cvijića 35 Loznica
  4. €€ -
    • Bistro
    Vojvode Putnika 2 Loznica

All bistro restaurants in Loznica

Pizzerias 1

  1. € -
    • Pizza
    • Bistro
    Jovana Cvijića BB Loznica

All Pizzerias in Loznica

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