Writing a review:

  1. Write using readable and understandable language. Mind your grammar and spelling. Reviews in Dutch, English and German are allowed. When you write in a local dialect, make sure that readers from another region are also able to understand.
  2. Explain your given grades. Just a bit of text that says 'nice' or 'never again' is not sufficient explanation. We expect you to at least explain why the food and anything related was good or not.
  3. Make sure that your grades correspond with what you wrote.
  4. Use the same name and email address when writing multiple reviews for a restaurant. It will be clear for everybody that the reviews are from the same person. Whenever we receive multiple reviews from one person for a restaurant, we will only show the latest.
  5. Eet.nu allows users to write reviews anonymously, but would like its users to use a valid email address. If Eet.nu has any doubts concerning the truthfulness of a review, and can't confirm the truthfulness because there is no (valid) email address to contact, reviews will be removed regardless.

By posting reviews on the website, the user grants Eet.nu the irrevocable right to publicise these reviews. Additionally, the reviews may be used, copied, publicised, translated and spread indefinitely by Eet.nu in any way, shape, or form, including - but not limited to - for advertisements and other promotional ends benefiting Eet.nu and/or others without express permission from the User.

Unwanted reviews:

Below is a non-exhaustive list of items that are not permitted in reviews on the Website. Eet.nu reserves the right to change this list at any time. Should a user disregard this clause, Eet.nu will take legal action against said user. Reviews including the following are prohibited:

  1. Discrimination (because of race, faith, gender, nationality, political preference and physical or mental capabilities).
  2. Criticizing restaurants based on following government mandates related to COVID19.
  3. Text written in all caps.
  4. Conveying changes or asking questions about the restaurant. Use the contact form for this.
  5. Writing a review about a restaurant you work (or used to work) for, or a restaurant you are not objective about for any other reason.
  6. Mentioning another restaurant. Comparisons made to large franchises (ie. McDonald's) are general enough to be allowed.
  7. Using a review to advertise or spam.
  8. Claiming you became ill because of the food. This is a very strong accusation and it is almost never verifiable the food is the actual cause.
  9. Claiming you found hair, vermin or other objects in the food. We know this can happen, but more often these claims are made by people who want to discredit the restaurant for personal reasons.
  10. Discriminating against race, religion, sex, nationality, political preference, physical or mental capabilities.
  11. Using unnecessary shocking, offensive or distasteful language.
  12. Using Ad hominem arguments or describing the general staff of the restaurant personally.
  13. Using a review as a comment to other reviews or to question other reviews. If you want to respond to another review use the comment form on the review page.

Objection against reviews:

If a restaurant owner, user, or other third party does not agree with a review, finds the review suspicious, feels the review infringes on copyright, or has any other objections concerning a review, they can immediately contact us us. Eet.nu will look further into the matter, for example, by asking the author for clarification or trying to establish contact between the author of the review and the owner of the restaurant. If necessary, Eet.nu will take care to remove the review as soon as possible.

Restaurant owners can publicly reply to a review using the comment form on the review page. A restaurant owner can also reply privately through their own restaurant dashboard. Restaurant owners who contact users privately are not given the user's contact information, but can only reply through Eet.nu.

Rating reviews

The rating of a review is a weighted average. Because a restaurant is primarily judged by the quality and price of the food, these categories will contribute more to the average rating.

The eet.nu rating is a numerical summary of the reviews shown. The following statements apply to how the rating is calculated:

  • The restaurant has at least 3 approved reviews.
  • Rejected or otherwise invisible reviews will not be taken into account.
  • The categories in a review will be counted individually (not the weighted average rating).
  • Only the last review of an author for a restaurant will be taken into account.

We calculate a Bayesian weighted average that gives a fairer result when there have not been posted that many reviews for a particular restaurant.

We also take into consideration:

  • The age of the reviews. To keep the grade up-to-date we count younger reviews heavier than older reviews. After one year a review only counts for (approximately) 1/3 towards the final score. This means the rating of a restaurant can change even if no reviews have been added.
  • Who wrote the review. We check to see if it is a registered user and how many reviews this person has written that have been approved. A review written by a very active member can count up to 2 times as much towards the end result than a review that has been written by an unregistered user.