Privacy statement

What personal data of mine are processed and what are they used for?

You can contact in various ways and in various capacities. The sections below explain what personal data has from you and what uses this data for.

I visit the website to read a review, for example


When visiting a website, you almost always encounter cookies. Cookies are small pieces of digital data that a website leaves on your computer or smartphone so that the website works better or is better tuned to you. only makes use of functional cookies. These are cookies that are technically necessary for the proper functioning of the website. does not use marketing cookies or Google analytics.

Logs may keep log files of the website on its own servers. These log files contain among other things the IP address of the user, the browser the user is using, the time the user has visited our website and which pages the user has visited during his visit. If a user came to our website through another website, that information may also be logged.

The log files are used, among other things, to administer the website, to keep track of user statistics, including visitor numbers and our users' interests, and to prevent abuse of the website and ensure security. Except with respect to security and abuse prevention, the information is only used at a general level. Only general and no individual reports are compiled about the users.

Log files are not kept for longer than 60 days.

I have posted a review

The following personal data are processed from persons who have posted a review:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • IP-address
  • Your findings (your review)

This data is processed for the following purposes:

  • Your email address will be used to communicate with you about the review and for identification purposes
  • Reviews are published on Your email address will never be disclosed. Only the editors who manage reviews can see your contact details
  • Your IP-address is used to prevent duplicate reviews, spam and fraud
  • Restaurants can get in touch with you through We do not pass on personal data unless you have given us your explicit permission.

Legal bases for the use of this personal data:

  • Posting a review and all related actions are based on the agreement that is created once you post a review at
  • Sharing your email address with restaurants is only done with your explicit permission.

I have an account at

If you create an account at you always have an overview of all the reviews you have written. If you create an account at the following personal data of you are processed:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • IP-address
  • Posted reviews

This data is processed for the following purposes:

  • Your email address, password and IP-address will be used to grant you access to your account environment. Note: Your password is encrypted and not accessible to employees. Store your password in a safe place.
  • Providing an overview of reviews posted by you

The legal basis for processing this personal data is the agreement that is established between you and when you create an account.

I make a reservation through

Through you can book a restaurant. This can be done via the search option on the website or via the Butler, an online agent who helps you via SMS or telegram to find the right restaurant. When making a reservation the following personal data will be processed:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • IP-address
  • Your order and/or reservation data (all data you enter in the reservation form)

The data will only be processed for the purpose of the reservation you make. shares this information with the restaurant for which you are making a reservation.

The legal basis for processing this personal data is the agreement that is established between you and when you place your reservation.

To be able to execute the agreement needs to share the data with the restaurant you have booked. After the information has been shared with the restaurant it will be further processed under the responsibility of the restaurant in question. Do you want to know how the restaurant processes your data? Consult the privacy statement of the restaurant concerned.

I am a contact at an organization with which maintains a relationship processes the following personal data of contact persons who represent organizations with whom maintains a relationship. For example organizations which supply services or products.

  • Name
  • Contact information (telephone and email address)
  • Name of the organization you work for
  • The address you provide if it differs from the business address of the organization where you work
  • Information which is linked to you or needs to be linked to enter into agreements, contracts or obligations which exist between and your organisation

This data is processed for the following purposes

  • To be able to enter into agreements, contracts and/or obligations which exist between and your organization

Legal bases for the use of this personal data: processes the above data on the basis of an agreement, or an agreement yet to be concluded, or on the basis of legitimate interest.

I apply for a job at

If you apply for a job at the following personal data are processed:

  • Name and address information
  • Contact information (phone number and email address)
  • Date of birth
  • CV, work experience and education level
  • Motivation/"pitch"
  • Availability
  • Third party findings *

* As part of the selection procedure, a reference check may take place. This is done only with the express consent of the candidate. Such a reference check will only ask for findings that relate to validating suitability for a particular job.

This data is processed for the following purposes:

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Assessing suitability for a position at will retain personal data processed during the application process until 4 weeks after the end of the application process. The application process ends when the chosen candidate has successfully completed his/her probationary period of 1 month.

Legal bases for the use of this personal data: processes the above data to be able to come to a possible employment agreement.

Will my data be shared with other parties and if so with which ones?

You may choose to have your contact information shared with restaurateurs. This will only happen with your explicit consent. After information is shared with restaurateurs it will be further processed under the responsibility of the respective restaurateur.

It is possible that is obliged to share personal data with government agencies. This only happens if there is a legal obligation to do so. makes use of services and technologies of third parties. With these parties we have so-called processor's agreements.

Third parties


To prevent spam messages we use Akismet. Akismet only receives data necessary to check a message for spam. This includes the content of reviews, the name and ip-address of the writer and the browser headers. We have a processing agreement with Akismet.


A backup of all data is stored at Amazon's S3 service. This data is stored encrypted on a European server and kept for a maximum of 6 months. We have a processing agreement with Amazon.


Data from the jobs our sites process may be shared with this European service for monitoring and debugging our own software. Names, email addresses and passwords are filtered from the data before we send it. We have a processing agreement with AppSignal.


Some of our servers are hosted within the Netherlands by CloudVPS. We have a processing agreement with CloudVPS.

The Dutch government

In some exceptional cases we could be forced by a court order to transfer personal data to the Dutch government.

Digital Ocean

Our virtual servers are hosted within the Netherlands by Digital Ocean. We have a processing agreement with Digital Ocean.

Help Scout

Emails addressed to are stored in Help Scout, an email support platform. Help Scout receives all the information in this email such as your email address and headers. We have a processing agreement with Help Scout.


To send and receive SMS, we use Messagebird, among others. Messagebird stores this information in the Netherlands for up to 6 months. We have a processing agreement with Messagebird.


To make our logs from different servers and applications transparent, they are bundled at Papertrail. Here they are kept for no longer than 60 days. We have a processing agreement with Papertrail.


To help our visitors search through restaurants and reviews, we use Qbox. Our data at Qbox is stored in Europe. There is a processor agreement between us and Qbox.


For sending emails we use Sendgrid. Name, email address and the content of the emails are shared. This information will be kept for a maximum of 6 years. We have a processing agreement with Sendgrid.

Slack uses Slack as a communication and notification platform. Personal data in automated messages such as names, email addresses and ip addresses are anonymized. We have a processor's agreement with Slack.


To display maps within our website, we use Thunderforest. When retrieving these images, your browser connects directly to this service in Europe. Thunderforest only uses the data received to ensure that the service remains operational.


Our domains and the domains we manage for our customers are hosted by the Dutch company TransIP in Leiden. We have entered into a processor and sub-processor agreement with TransIP.


To send and receive SMS, we use Twilio, among other tools. Information at Twilio is stored encrypted. We have a processing agreement with Twilio.

How long does keep my data? will not store your personal data longer than necessary for the execution of the purposes for which they have been collected, after which your data, to the extent that no longer legal retention period applies, will be removed from the systems of

If you have subscribed to newsletters or other forms of informational communication, your contact information and preferences in this area will be retained until you unsubscribe from the information service in question. At the bottom of each newsletter is a link that allows you to easily unsubscribe.

What measures has taken to protect my data?

Technical Measures

All means and systems which are deployed within for the processing of your personal data are set up in such a way that your privacy is optimally guaranteed. The security of your data begins the moment you share it with us through the website. This is secured according to the applicable standard "https". The "s" stands for secure. Passwords of your account are stored encrypted and are protected for employees of

Organizational measures

Employees of who process personal data are regularly trained in the field of privacy protection and handle your data carefully according to established processes.

Data breaches

If, however, something unexpected should go wrong with the protection of your data, we will always report this to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. If the data breach could have adverse consequences for you, we will also contact you immediately.

Help us

Despite all the measures has taken to safeguard your data and privacy it is always possible that a data leak occurs. If you have the feeling that somewhere something is not going well with our systems or practices then we appreciate it very much if you let us know.

What are my rights? What can I request, reverse, change or have removed?

Right of Inspection

You have the right to request what data is processing from you. You must do your request in writing or by email:

In writing: BV
Brugstraat 77
6131AC Sittard

Email: sends the requested information to you as soon as possible and at the latest within 4 weeks. This will be free of charge.

Right to Amend

As a result of the documents that sends you, you can indicate that certain information should be changed.

Right of deletion

You can also indicate that should remove your data. You should keep in mind that not all data can be removed. For some data there is a legal obligation to keep it.

Who can I contact with questions or complaints about my privacy?

Do you need support with the execution of one of the above processes or do you have other questions or a complaint about how handles your privacy? Please send an email or letter to the above address. Our privacy professionals will contact you as soon as possible.

Is your complaint not handled to your satisfaction? You can always lodge your complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Changes to privacy statement

It is possible that needs to change this privacy statement from time to time. Everything is subject to change, not only the legislation, but also as an organization. In case of changes will inform you about this through its website: