Our Website

We receive personal data through our website concerning you. Rectification or deletion of your personal data is possible by sending us a message aan ons te sturen. If you would like to file a complaint please use Authority Personal Data.


Through Eet.nu you can write reviews about restaurants. We ask for your name and email address. The email address is used inly to be able to communicate about your review and to identify you. Reviews are published on the Eet.nu website. Your email address is never posted alongside it. Only the employees of the Eet.nu editorial team can see your personal data.

Restaurants can contact you through Eet.nu. We do not pass on personal data unless you've given us explicit permission to do so.

Your account

At Eet.nu you can create an account. We ask for your name, email address, and password. Make sure to keep your mail address and password combination a secret. The password is encrypted and can't be tracked down by Eet.nu employees. Only Eet.nu employees who manage accounts can see the personal data.

Support Request

When you ask for support we ask for your name and email address. The data is only used to help us complete your request.


When you make a reservation we receive your name, email address, and telephone number. This data is passed on to the restaurant that you reserved at. The email address is also used by us to invite you write a review about your experience. This data can only be seen by the Eet.nu butler who manages our reservations.


We offer a newsletter (in Dutch) to inform interested parties about special offers, events, photo's and articles concerning restaurants and the like. Your email address is only added to the mailing list with your explicit permission. Every news letter contains link to unsubscribe. The mailing list is not shared with any third parties.


Eet.nu can keep log files of the website on its own server. Within these logs are contained, among other things, the user's IP-address, the browser the user uses, the date and time of the user's visit to our website, and what pages the user has visited. If a user arrives at the website through another website, that information can be logged as well.

The log files are used to moderate the web site, to track user statistics including visitor numbers and the interests of our users, and to prevent abuse of the website and guarantee safety. The data is only to be used broadly as opposed to being filtered for details, because of personal safety and to avoid abuse. No general or individual reports are made about the users themselves.

The log files are not kept longer than 60 days.


Eet.nu uses cookies. Those are tiny amounts of information that Eet.nu sends out and your browser saves.


Eet.nu uses functional cookies to keep track of your log in status and to improve your user experience.

Third parties

Eet.nu uses a number of third parties with whom data can be shared.


A backup of all data is stored through the S3 service provided by Amazon. This data is encrypted and stored on a European server and is only stored for a maximum of six months. We have made a processor's agreement with Amazon.


To combat spam messages we use Akismet. Akismet receives only data necessary to test whether or not a message is spam. This includes the content of reviews, the name and IP address of the author and the browser headers. We have signed a processor's agreement with Akismet.


Data from the assignments that our pages process can be shared with this European service for monitoring and debugging our own software. Names, email addresses and passwords are filtered from the data before we send the data. We have made a processor's agreement with AppSignal


We have servers hosted within the Netherlands by CloudVPS. We have made a processor's agreement with CloudVPS.

Digital Ocean

We have virtual servers hosted within the Netherlands by Digital Ocean. We have made a processor's agreement with Digital Ocean.

Google Analytics

Eet.nu uses Google Analytics to analyse the use of the website, to generate reports concerning website-activities, and to be able to provide further services connected to website and internet usage.

We have made these functions as privacy-friendly as possible. Among other things, we have made a processor agreement with Google. Your IP-address will only be passed on after it's been anonymised. 'Share date' has been turned off within Google Analytics and we do not use any other Google-services in tandem with Google Analytics. The period of storage has also been made as short as possible, that being fourteen months.

Help Scout

Emails sent to Eet.nu are stored in Help Scout, an email support platform. Help Scout receives all information contained in these emails such as your email address and headers. We have made a processor's agreement with Help Scout.


To send and receive SMS we use, among others, Messagebird. Messagebird stores the data for a maximum of six months. We have made a processor's agreement with Messagebird.


To make our logs from several servers and applications accessible they are bundled by Papertrail. They are not stored for a maximum of sixty days. We have made a processor's agreement with Papertrail.


To help our customers search through restaurants and reviews we use Qbox. A DPA between us and them is in place.


We use Sendgrid to send emails. Name, email address and the content of the emails are shared. This data is stored for a maximum of six years.


Eet.nu uses Slack as a communications- and notification platform. Personal data in automated messages such as names, email addresses and IP addresses are anonymised. We have made a processor's agreement with Slack.


To show maps on our website we use Thunderforest. While retrieveing images your browser connects directly to this service. Thunderforest uses the received data only to keep their service operational.


To send and receive SMS we use, among others, Twilio. Twilio stores the data encrypted. We have signed a processor's agreement with Twilio.


Our domainnames and the ones we control for our customers are hosted bij the dutch company TransIP in Leiden. We have signed a processor's and a subprocessor's agreement with them.

The Dutch Government

In some exceptional cases we are required by law to transfer data to the Dutch government.



To be able to store and process personal data as safely as possible we haven taken the following steps.

Our employees have limited access to the personal data we process. They only have access to the data that is necessary for them to complete the tasks assigned to them.

Our employees are required to set up good passwords. This goes for both their Eet.nu accounts as well as their used social platforms and mail accounts. All employees have been given access to a password manager and are expected to use it.

All employees are bound to a non disclosure agreement in their contracts.


We have also taken technological steps.

All data transfer between our computers, servers, and networks us protected by strong encryption. Stored data is also encrypted as much as possible. We make daily backups- and have the option to restore data. The offices are protected by burglar alarms.

For restaurants

Processor's Agreement

Because we handle more than just reservations from guests for restaurants, like the reservation data of the restaurants themselves, we offer a processor's agreement. A restaurant that shares its reservation data with us and wants to comply to our terms and conditions will need it.

Download our processor's agreement and sent a filled out and signed version to info@eet.nu.